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So You Think You're a Naturalist?

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

The Difference Between "Going" Natural and "Being" Natural

As you ladies already know, I'm a natural hair stylist and I have been caring for hair over 30 years. Back in the 70's, afro's, kinky twists and cornrows were the norm. It seems like just recently (over the past 10 years) the younger generation is just know wanting to embrace their textured hair.

“You are beautiful. Your are amazing. You are fabulous from the inside out.”

What it means to go natural vs being natural

When you make the decision to "go natural" you are basically taking your altered chemically processed hair back to its natural state. You are going to stop getting relaxers and other straightening agents on your hair. That's going natural!

Now being natural is a lifestyle change! Not only are you committing to not getting relaxers anymore, you are committing to fully embracing your natural hair. You are committing to taking all the necessary steps to ensuring that your BODY and Hair is in it's most impeccable state! You are committing to regular hair appointments, a vitamin regimen, daily workouts and a health care plan. It's simple to just say you want to go natural without committing to all of the necessary steps it takes to live a full and natural life! Don't get it twisted, I'm not telling you to become vegan and do yoga 4 days a week...I'm just saying you have to commit to the entire process of living a natural life so that you can maintain a healthy mane!

With Love,

Nappy Pat

The Prodigy of Textured Hair

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