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Processed Hair Struggle During the COVID 19 Salon Shut Down

There are certain styles that require more maintenance than others when it comes to hair. Specifically, chemically processed hair such as relaxers and color. In the past clients have opted for these high fashion styles to tell their story of style, this was before the COVID 19 Shut Down. Now clients are being forced to allow their tapered cuts and natural roots to fill in. The only advice I can offer on these styles is to wait for the COVID 19 Shut Down to be lifted. In the meanwhile keep the hair clean, hydrated and moisturized will serve you well for now. That means deep cleaning the hair with a clarifying or detoxifying shampoo. This step however simple is the first step to maintaining chemically processed hair. Removing build-up and mineral deposits caused by overuse of products, improper shampooing, and environmental factors, proper shampooing preps the hair for the next step, conditioning. Conditioning the hair restores and balances moisture loss preventing dryness and hair breakage, reviving the hair's softness and manageability. Lastly, make sure you use good styling aids such as moisturizers and oils to lock in moisture, keeping the hair from drying out and is an essential styling aid. The products best suited for your hair are only a phone call away. I am customizing hair care kits and a NappyPat tip guide to best suit your hair care needs. Karisma Contour Body Spa is offering 1-to-1 hair consultations, video chats during normal business hours to help you navigate through this trying time.

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