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Maintaining Natural Hair during COVID-19

The current events of COVID-19 have highlighted consumers' lack of knowledge when it comes to taking care of their natural hair. The entire landscape has changed due to social distancing measures put in place for the CDC. Clients that use to pride themselves on weekly salon visits have had those luxuries stripped away, leaving them with the thirst for knowledge and supplies to tend to their current pressing issue...getting through quarantine and keeping their hair in tack. As a natural consultant and educator, my message has always been in support of clients knowing how to take care of their hair in between salon maintenance appointments. Therefore, it comes naturally for me to advise clients during this time of isolation. I can't stand by and watch my clients struggle instead I have curated healthy haircare kits customized by me for my client’s individual hair care needs. With the physical absence of clients in my chair, we at Karisma Contour Body Spa and Salon are still servicing our clients virtually during regular salon hours, taking 1-to-1 calls, emails, video chats to assist them in which products will work best on their hair and talking them through the proper use of each product. We also provide economical shipping or curve side pick up to help keep our clients safe out of harm’s way of COVID 19. I am aware it may be frustrating getting to know your hair, but I am here to help you. Together we will get through this and your hair will too.

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