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Patricia Flournoy, is a Master Stylist, 4C hair specialist, salon owner and make-up artist with more than 30 years experience in the beauty industry. As a licensed professional, natural hair consultant and colorist, she is the proud owner of Karisma Contour Body Spa & Salon, where she also launched her brand Nappy Pat – her 4C specialist ICON used to embrace natural hair and all the beauty that comes with it. 

Early in her career, Pat performed as an Educator and Platform Artist for well known texture brands Design Essentials and Soft-Sheen Carson. Patricia also worked with Mizani, a division of L’Oreal USA for thirteen years and held many positions including an Educator, Platform Artist, Make-Up Artist, coveted Design Team Member and Trendsetter. In 2014, Patricia was invited to London for a major video photo shoot, due to placing first in a Mizani Competition. Her styles were chosen to be featured on the cover of Black Beauty, the United Kingdom’s number one best selling black magazine. As a regular hair battle competitor, Patricia competed in the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show where she consistently placed 1st and 2nd overall. 


Her outstanding work has been featured on the cover and within several fashion publications including, Hair World, Styles Q, Black Hair Sophisticates, Metro Styles, Mazza, and Passion. Patricia’s passion for hair has led her to a career as a professional makeup artist for 12 years. She has worked alongside celebrity makeup artists Natalie Spencer and RennyVasquez and was the Lead Make-Up Artist for Byron Lars and assisted celebrity hairstylist Ceaser Ramirez during New York Fashion Week.


Patricia loves training and speaking about the beauty of natural hair where she is a specialist in 4C hair, hair loss, healthy hair color, first class maintenance for all hair textures and receives wide recognition for her unique cutting techniques and trendsetting styles. 


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